OKBET Predictions on USA vs. Serbia Women’s FIVB Semifinals

OKBET Predictions on USA vs. Serbia Women's FIVB Semifinals

The head coach of the Serbian national team played his best players in the team’s final group stage match, which was played against Turkey. On the other hand, the outcome of that game did not matter at all to Serbia. It is possible that the Italian committed an error that will come back to haunt him.

USA National Team

As was to be expected, the Americans breezed to victory in all three games against Turkey. 13:9 advantage in blocks, 4-0 lead in aces, but the United States national team’s serve was not particularly formidable, with just seven errors.

Of course, Andrea Drews, the best opposite player in the United States, is in no way comparable to Novak Boskovic. When it comes to the offense, she is not nearly as effective. For instance, she scored 11 goals out of a total of 35 attempts on the offensive while playing for Turkey. However, in the process of attacking, she only cost her opponents a total of two points. Even though Frantti and Robinson made slightly more errors on average, they still gave Turkey a much smaller number of points than the Serbians did to Poland.

It is reasonable to assume that Serbia, due to exhaustion, will play less cleanly than the United States, and the number of errors made by Serbia could very well be the factor that determines who wins this match.

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Serbia National Team

The team captained by Daniele Santarelli had even worse luck than the United States’ squad yesterday; not only did they start their quarterfinal match against Poland later than anyone else, but Poland also won the match against them. It was made abundantly clear at the conclusion of the fourth game, when Serbia was leading by a score of 23:19 and was only two points away from clinching the match. But the Serbs were unable to win the game, and they most likely would have been unable to win the whole match as well if not for a terrible mistake made by the Polish player-player Maria Stenzel at the match point in the fifth set.

Poland prevailed over Serbia in the categories of point blocks (10:14) and aces (2:5). Tijana Boskovic, who leads the team in scoring with 36 points overall, attacked the opposing team 15 times in the third game, scored nine points, and committed only one mistake. Tijana had the same number of attacks (15) in the fourth set, but she only made three errors and scored seven points. It is obvious that everyone is starting to feel tired, and the Serbian opposite spiker is not an iron player either; however, the question remains as to whether or not she will be able to recover.

The Serbs are still in trouble in the fourth zone; Mihajlovic has scored 12 points out of 30, but he has made eight errors, and Busa has scored an awful two points out of 14, but he has made four errors. The women’s team from Serbia uses this strategy, scoring 14 points out of 44 opportunities while limiting their opponents to just 12 points.

Expert Betting Tips

Anyway, my thinking is pretty straightforward: I doubt the Serbian volleyball players will be able to play after yesterday’s match against Poland, so I’ll take the United States to win in straight sets. What I chose is as follows:

W1 is worth 1.83 points, Handicap 1 (-0.5) points are worth 1.90 points, and getting the score correct is worth 4.25 points.

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